Negotiations Chairperson – David Zatorski

The Negotiations Committee works on behalf of all members for a fair and equitable contract. NJEA leadership continues to staunchly urge Local Associations to resist the strong armed tactics to knuckle educators under to the current administration.

Now is the time for YOU to contact your representatives in Trenton.


Chairperson – Abba Onyeani 

The Membership Committee oversees membership rosters and ascertains that all contact information is accurate and up-to-date. To learn more about the benefits of membership, visit


Chairperson – Ashley Greene

The Social and Communications Committee plans social activities for members throughout the school year, selects gifts for Teacher Day and National Education Week, and keeps members updated on what’s happening within the East Orange Education Association through mass media.


Chairperson – Aimie Smith

The Instruction and Training Committee plans workshops for members and keeps members up to date about state and local mandates that affect instruction and training.


Chairperson – Venus Yearwood

This committee showcases and highlights the accomplishments of East Orange Education Association Members. Each year the EOEA honors up to ten of its members who have promoted pride in the school and/or in the community by initiating or participating in activities and projects, which have promoted PRIDE.  This is the time to be recognized for some of the many great things you do.  Self-nominations are also encouraged.


Chairperson – Angel Boose

The Grievance Committee receives training in the grievance procedure. The committee reviews grievances, identifies contract violations, and determine how to represent members at Level I. 

If a situation should arise, first, speak to your administration along with your Association Representative (AR).  This is Level 1 of the grievance process and should not be overlooked. 


Chairperson – Keith Hinton, II

The Health and Safety Committee advises the Superintendent on matters concerning the maintenance of proper standards of health, safety, and security. The committee shall consist of four individuals appointed by the Association President and four individuals appointed by the Superintendent. The committee shall convene no fewer than five times during the year and will meet during working hours. “These people have the authority to create change,” said Greadington. “Association and district representatives partner-up and walk room by room through designated buildings with a checklist, identifying any health, safety or security issues.” It is then incumbent upon the district to address the issues discovered, she noted. At a subsequent meeting, timelines are established to address the issues discovered. Another walkthrough is scheduled to ensure that remedial work has been completed.


Chairperson – Jacqueline White

The Government Relations Committee keeps abreast of legislation that affects education and educators. The committee promotes letter writing campaigns and phone banks when necessary, works with ECEA and NJEA to get people to get out and vote, and do cyber-lobbying.

If you are interested in getting involved in politics to support public education, consider becoming an L.A.T Association Member


Chairperson – Sharon Johnson

The F.A.S.T. Committee works on behalf of children to bring together parents, educators, and the community. The committee promotes family involvement to improve the educational experience of students. They are liaison between the Association and the community.